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bizlite can bring your business online and save you a lot of time and money.Scroll to know more or fill the form to get started instantly ⤵️

What is bizlite?

Bizlite is a simple online solution to bring your dukaan, store, or any offline business online in 15 minutes.Let others know what you do, your contact details, your products, and more. Accept sales inquiries, get appointment requests, and orders without creating a website or paying commissions to Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Shoppy, and others.

Quick Setup

Get a card + Whatsapp store in just 15 minutes. You just need a logo, product details, and your business details. No fuss, no delays.


No need to invest in costly websites or pay commissions to marketplaces. Sign up with a flat one-time fee for bizlite and save money.


No new skills required. If you can use WhatsApp, you can use bizlite. It's that simple!

No Hidden Fees

What you see is what you get. No shocks, regular bills or hidden costs.

Share Easily

Sharing your business info online or offline using a unique link and QR code.

Stay in Control

Manage your business without relying on platforms that implement restrictions or fees.

How it Works?

Get Online in 3 Simple Steps

Create a free account, fill in your business information and get a personalized digital business card instantly, crafted just for you.
Share the bizlite link or QR code online

  1. Sign Up

  2. Add & Customize Your Details

  3. Start Sharing

How to 'bizlite' your business?

Want a online store and digital card to start your online journey?
Check out this video to understand how to create a bizlite card on your own without any help or support.

Designed for

Retail Shops &
Local Stores

Share bizlite link or QR on WhatsApp or FB groups. Share your products or exclusive discounts to connect with customers online.

Home Bakers & Cloud Kitchens

Share your menu and accept orders via bizlite. Add a professional touch to home business and facilitating easy ordering through WhatsApp.

Freelance Professionals

Display your services and portfolio online. Receive inquiries and bookings directly through WhatsApp.

Local Artists & Craftsmen

Showcase your unique crafts on bizlite card and store to engage potential customers and accept orders through WhatsApp.

Fitness & Health Coaches

Use bizlite to accept online appointments, share testimonials, promote special packages, and more.

Tutors & Coaches

Share notes, important information, accept inquiries, and even manage class slots and become more accessible to parents & students.

Event & Party Planners

Create a virtual storefront to promote your package details, accept custom requests, and stay closer to your prospects.

Beauty & Salon Services

Share your service menu, special offers at once place. Accept online bookings via bizlite and get notified on Whatsapp.

Use Cases

Promote your biz with bizlite

Use bizlite QR code or personalized link for marketing your business or products online without a website.

  1. Share in Local Groups

  2. Print QR on Marketing Material

  3. Use in Email Signatures

  4. Track Influencer Campaigns

  5. Offer Special Deals & Discounts

Want to talk to someone?

Fill out the form and a bizlite buddy will assist you in launching your first bizlite card for free.

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